Our core values

At CAPE, we have ambition. We are entrepreneurial and inquisitive: we look further and push our limits. Only then can you improve and innovate. 'If you do what you did, you get what you got'. We want more. We rethink every situation, and we don't just take the paths we've already taken, but seek and develop the best solution. The world around us does not stand still, and neither do we. When we do something, we do it 100% and we are ready.
Our culture
Twentse nuchterheid
'Twentse nuchterheid' is in our blood. Despite the fact that we have now made our mark throughout the Netherlands and are also based in Utrecht, we take our Twente roots with us wherever we go. You won't hear us shouting from the rooftops or telling tall tales, although we are proud of our projects and our field like no other. We tell it like it is and go for results: 'nonsense' is not in our vocabulary. We dare to take risks, but with both feet firmly on the ground. Vake be'j te bange'!
Our culture
Together you are stronger. That is how we want to work. Because only by bringing out the best in each other are we able to achieve maximum results. In our corporate culture, we help each other to perform together. In Twente we call it 'noaberschap'. And you can only perform together if you can also party together. Performance and fun go hand in hand!
Our culture
Thought leadership
We have a lot of knowledge in house. As a 10+ year certified Mendix partner and eMagiz partner from the beginning, we are experts in these domains and maintain our knowledge through our Competence Centers. Our customers rely on our expertise. In close cooperation with the University of Twente and TKI Dinalog, we are engaged in innovative projects. At the University of Twente, our CAPE methodology is propagated in current education.
Our culture

Training & Development

You can only work on the future if you move forward yourself! 

That is why training & development of our employees is of paramount importance to us. We offer, in-house, appropriate training for each job level, so that you can (continue to) do your job well. In addition, we share our knowledge with each other!

Terms of employment

We offer you good conditions, and a nice working environment!

You work in self-organizing teams on challenging client assignments. The variety between working in the teams, the structured coaching through the academy and working with peers, makes you make an immediate impact. 


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