Innovating together

About our solutions

CAPE has over 15 years of experience in low-code software development in Logistics and Construction. In these past years, we have:

  1. Developed several software templates including the Control Tower.
  2. Our monitoring solution Sherlock realized for monitoring your application landscape.
  3. Our development process largely automated to be able to release "error free" software quickly and integrally at any time. 
Control Tower

Visualize, orchestrate and control your logistics operations and supply chain collaborations with realtime interventions with our Control Tower. 

The templates created by CAPE Group can be customized so it always fits your unique business processes. 


More and more business processes are partly or fully dependent on IT. It is therefore important to always have a good view on the operation of the applications to prevent incidents. The by CAPE Groep developed tool Sherlock helps you with this.


Quality & Continuity management

Application and system development is accelerating. Applications are being released more and more frequently. Continuous delivery focuses on sending a continuous flow of new features to production. The objective is to release "error-free" software quickly and integrally at any time.

This is what it looks like in practice

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