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At CAPE Groep we see digital transformation as a tool to realize ambitions. We translate strategic themes to agile solutions. And increase your competitiveness. 

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Activating your business strategy with IT? Digital transformation is about the shift from analog to digital. It covers your total business operations, from strategy to daily operations. Are you looking for a partner in the field of digital transformation? CAPE Groep creates value. Step by step, sustainable and flexible. Together with you.

The world around us is constantly changing. More and more information is available, and the speed of change is increasing dramatically. In order to move forward, you will have to keep responding to these changes. We can help you do that! So why not do it now?

Together with our customers we develop custom applications and integrations, always tailored to your organization or issue. Our (domain) knowledge is the starting point, from our knowledge and experience we help our clients to embrace the changes. In doing so, we use industry-specific components that we have developed to quickly add common functionalities to your application. This allows us to focus on the specific issue within your organization, without losing time on generic functionality.

CAPE Groep wants her customers to be fully carefree in the field of Digital Transformation. Therefore we search within the branches in which we are active continuously for the trends and developments, and we build generic components for these branches. Because of these components and our domain knowledge we succeed again and again in short iterations to come to a suitable solution, for and together with our customers.

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Just because the world around us is changing rapidly doesn't mean we should forget the past. Processes that have grown over years within your company do not need to change. This is the foundation of your business, and probably the foundation for the future.

CAPE Group can integrate with legacy systems to combine the good from the present with the opportunities of the future. And if necessary, we replace your legacy system with an up-to-date custom application.

Digitization is increasing. As a result, more and more applications are emerging within your landscape, each of which has its own information. And by having the same information everywhere, it is possible to make the right decision.

Through our integration platform we are able to link the various applications within your company. This makes customer information from your CRM available to other applications. Not to edit, because that happens in the source, but perhaps to enrich, to supplement, or simply to consult. This creates a structured landscape, with the same information where needed, and therefore more overview.

Quick interaction. Not only within your company, but also with your customers and suppliers. Or industry peers in various collaborations. Why should information stay within the walls of your company?

Smart chain collaboration, and integrations between your own as well as others' systems, allows for more efficient and effective collaboration. That's what you need for smart chain collaboration.

We realize the required integrations. Not only by properly connecting the processes of your company and your supplier or customer, but also by realizing this connection.

The value of data only arises when you do something with it. Data is taking on an increasingly important role within your company, but also in decision-making towards the future.

The amount of available data is expected to increase sevenfold in the next five years. This exponential increase in available data will make it increasingly difficult to make decisions. The challenge therefore becomes to effectively use the data we collect inside and outside the company. We would love to help you with that!

The need to change doesn't stop there. The constantly changing environment makes you need an agile solution. A solution that is not finished after delivery, but the start of further increasing your success.

Naast de doorontwikkeling van uw applicaties, integraties en platformen, zorgen we er voor dat hetgeen al klaar is optimaal blijft draaien. Niet alleen door eventuele problemen snel op te lossen, maar ook door vooruit te kijken samen met u als klant. Door niet alleen te kijken naar wat we hebben, maar ook te anticiperen op de toekomst, kunnen we garanties afgeven over de beschikbaarheid en snelheid van uw applicaties. Heeft u zelf één of meerdere applicaties ontwikkeld? Ook voor deze applicaties zorgt CAPE Groep dat uw oplossing optimaal blijft draaien zodat u kan focussen op de toekomst.

Daarnaast kan CAPE Groep u ook in de gelegenheid stellen om beheer te doen van uw eigen oplossingen. Met onze oplossing blijft u wendbaar en bent u in staat om te schakelen indien nodig. Uiteraard staan wij voor u klaar wanneer u ondersteuning nodig heeft.

Innovation is an important part of our services. We are constantly researching which new technologies we can apply. We can then offer these novelties to our (new) customers, so that they can move forward. We do this by combining our domain knowledge with the trends within your industry.

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Do-it-yourself! Be more and more in the lead of developing the software your organization runs on, or simply be able to follow what is happening? Follow, together with your colleagues, training courses in our Academy and learn, depending on the needs of your organization. That's what we call self-enablement! In this way, your employees develop at the intersection of Business & IT, and real digital transformation occurs.

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