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About CAPE Groep

We leven in een nieuwe werkelijkheid, waarin organisaties moeten veranderen om vooruit te gaan. Dat vraagt loslaten van oude denkpatronen en systemen en overgeven aan nieuwe inzichten en technologieën. Om van waarde te blijven moeten organisaties digitaal transformeren.

Cape Group helps with this. We see digital transformation as a strategic tool to realize ambitions. We translate your strategic themes into agile solutions and thus increase your competitiveness. With your future in mind, we do now what is necessary for later. With experts who enjoy nothing more than pushing back frontiers.

Our approach? Working together. Working fast. Working smart. And above all: passing it on. So that you yourself can continue. We see the future as an invitation to discover new ways and let go when the destination is reached. CAPE Groep. Make the future happen.

The approach to digital transformation


New at CAPE?

Define your roadmap

Based on your strategic objectives, together we define your roadmap: where can you make the most rapid gains? We call this the 'Discovery'. Will you let us do the development work, will you help out or do you want to tackle it all yourself? This determines the role of training in your digital transformation. Whatever you choose, we support you where needed! 


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Hoe verder?

Develop according to plan

Depending on your role in the digital transformation and taking into account the capacity of the organization, the human potential and the individual ambition, the training needs arise. We answer these from our own professional Academy. A hands-on and fully in-house development plan follows from the pillars of people, methodology and technology. 


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Continuously add value

During the project we work according to our own CAPE method, based on scrum/agile. We work in short sprints so that results can be achieved quickly, tasks can be clearly tracked and adjustments can be easily made along the way. Our education and training are also action-based, you learn while you do!


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Improve in practice

Most solutions are MVP developed. This means that a solution that meets the minimum functionality is developed in a short period of time. When the solution is up and running, additional functionality is developed. In this way solutions continue to develop and can be adjusted depending on the needs, for example when something changes in the organization (environment). Once you have started you can go in any direction!

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