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The monitoring system for your IT landscape

IT landscapes are evolvingvery fast. Business processes are increasingly dependent, whether or not completely, on IT. In the increasingly complex, advanced and expanding IT landscape of organizations, it is difficult to get and keep a grip on what is happening in the systems. the impact is often huge when it doesn't work. Monitoring your business processes and it landscape is therefore essential. Sherlock helps with this! This monitoring system ensures that you have 24/7 insight into the health of the applications in your IT landscape. Zero downtime is our ambition. What Dfor this proactive monitoring system using AI, is realized. Receive notifications if a critical condition is approaching on one of your systems, as a result of a notification received from another system. 

Sherlock, CAPE's monitoring system, gives you 24/7 insight into the health of all your applications in your IT landscape in one dashboard.

One overview of your entire IT landscape

Sherlock gives you the health of all your applications and software systems in one dashboard. Sherlock is integrated with all your software systems. 

This allows him to easily collect and display all log data in one dashboard. This makes it possible to quickly and easily have more control and perform analyzes across the entire IT landscape. The monitoring system makes it possible to set alerts based on business KPIs. 

This enables a proactive response to critical points 24/7, so that your KPIs are not jeopardized. 

Core functionalities

1.Landscape management

2. Anomaly forecasting/detection

3. OPS action plan

4. Automated Root Cause

5. Auto Healing

6.Performance monitoring

Monitor your business processes with CAPE Sherlock 

Visualization of the IT landscape monitoring process

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