Innovate together in a way that suits you


Many of our activities are carried out on a project basis. We carry out the projects at the customer's location or as an 'in-house project' at our own locations. The content and scope of our projects varies enormously, from simple to extremely innovative and with a limited to longer lead time.

The composition of the project team depends on the size and complexity of the solution to be realised, the desired lead time and what knowledge the client contributes.

But we always provide tailor-made services, in line with the needs of our customers. As a result, the clients are assured of the right quality, service and result orientation. Driven to make a difference for our clients with the ambition to be a long-term partner. In practice, this means short lines of communication, the continuous attunement of our services to changing needs and meeting agreements. No ambiguity and no hassle afterwards. We find that very simple.

We keep innovating

Innovation is an important part of our services. We are continuously investigating which new technologies we can apply. We can then offer these novelties to our (new) customers, so that they can move forward. We do this by combining our domain knowledge with the trends within your industry.



Continuously manage your solutions

In addition to the further development of your applications, integrations and platforms, we ensure that what is already ready continues to run optimally. Not only by quickly solving any problems, but also by looking ahead together with you as a customer. By not only looking at what we have, but also anticipating the future, we can give guarantees about the availability and speed of your applications. Have you developed one or more applications yourself? CAPE Groep also ensures that your solution continues to run optimally for these applications, so that you can focus on the future.

In addition, CAPE Groep can also give you the opportunity to manage your own solutions. With our solution you remain agile and you are able to switch if necessary. Of course we are there for you when you need support.

Control Tower

Visualize, orchestrate and control your logistics operations and supply chain collaborations with realtime interventions with us Control Tower. 

The templates made by CAPE Group are custom made, so that they always match your unique business processes. 


More and more business processes are partly or completely dependent on IT. It is therefore important to always have a good overview of the operation of the applications in order to prevent incidents. The Sherlock tool developed by CAPE Groep will help you with this.

Quality & Continuity management

Application and system development is accelerating. Applications are being released more and more. Continuous delivery focuses on sending a continuous flow of new features to production. The objective is to be able to quickly and integrally release “error-free” software at any time.

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