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Education & training are indispensable in digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing the world, and with it your organization, is constantly changing. In order to stay ahead, training and development is of great importance. Are your employees prepared for the future? Do you keep up with the needs from the business? CAPE Groep helps companies who believe in digital transformation, who want to add value continuously and want to stay ahead of the competition.  Our education and training gives your employees tools and skills to understand the playing field even better, turn your strategy into workable solutions and continuously improve. 

Invest in Education and Training and make your people agile and self-reliant. 

  • Enables effective digital transformation
  • Cultivates talent
  • Ensures continuous project success
  • More than 18 years of experience translating scientific theory into daily practice and best practices ensures faster implementation
  • Enables our customers to be self-sufficient and add maximum value to the solution(s) developed
"Through the CAPE Academy, I was able to develop myself in the field of low-code development and immediately add additional value for my own organization."

Quickly adding value through learning-on-the-job

Universiteit Twente

Did you know? Our methodology and Rapid App Development training courses are also applied in the curriculum of the Master Business & Information Technology at the University of Twente!

You can find more information about our master's course at the UT here.


The foundation of our Academy

From 2010 we have been giving guest lectures and teaching at the University of Twente, from 2013 we also started doing innovation projects in collaboration with the University of Twente. 

From this experience, the need for a professional in-house Academy arose, which was officially launched in 2015, and we started teaching developers who were working at our customers.

Then, in 2020, our "self-enablement" program was further rolled out for our (future) customers.

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